Grade 7 Feyza! Congratulations. You’ve come so far from the noisy 4th grader I knew who wouldn’t sit in her chair and didn’t study ( Unless we sang Up, Up,Up ), and liked to play with her toys in class!! Your blogs were fun to read and detailed. If I was someone who hadn’t been to your class I think I would want to join just to see what it’s like. You painted a good picture. You took my constructive advice well and went back to make corrections. You’re a star and you get to shine this month with 25 merit points!!!! Yeah.

Grade 8…not this month you all need to work just a little harder. You all have the potential do do great things, but I’m not feeling it yet.

Grade 9 Navia and Viktoria you’re both stars. What a great start to this year. Informative. You’ve given me insights to how you feel about AEP, which is really important. You’ve also recorded accurately and  interestingly the things we have done. You were both in the same class but your writing is different so I’m definitely not bored,in fact I’m looking forward to reading more of how you see AEP. 10 Merits each.

Grade 10  Fawaz, what can I say? There lies within a monster that I have unleashed. Everyone is looking forward to the next chapter of the FAWAZ Reality Island show ( Dare I say, this was what I was looking for last year? ) Keep up the good work. 25 merits.