My 6th Blog of the 3rd Trimester, Enjoy! THIS BLOG HAS BEEN UPDATED TO BE LESS BORING.

Why does everyone keep on getting distracted?

It’s just relationships going around a loop; it never ends. A lot of my classmates are falling into the early deception of ‘True Love’. But here’s one thing, it doesn’t normally work out.

‘I love her!’, he shouted. She shouted back saying that he loved him. And now, everyone starts falling apart into tears of broken hearts.

Hey, I ain’t here to complain because I haven’t experienced the gas LOVE flowing in our average air. I don’t think I can find my love in the air.

Nobody is stopping you, be who you want to be; love who you want to love.


You are the decision maker in this game of life.

Moving on, cheers to the greatest distraction of all time! Games! Games are big distractions.

Rush Mid! Gather! Retreat! – Mobile Legends

Attack the enemy tower! Place the Hog Rider paired up with the Goblin Gang! – Clash Royale

5XP gained! – Minecraft

oakhalili SCORED! – Rocket League

Rainbow Gun – Terraria

Drag your Sackboy around. – Little Big Planet 3

Brauche Deckung! – Call of Duty

These games are what immature 11 year olds play. Except for Mobile Legends, Rocket League and Clash Royale. Those games are some that mature youngsters play.

Welcome to the gaming world peeps. Nowadays, ‘games’ refer to video games.

Here are some:

  1. RPG ( Role-Playing Games )
  2. MOBA ( Multi-player Online Battle Arena )
  3. FPS ( First Person Shooter )
  4. Simulations
  5. Adventures
  6. Sports

We all get distracted when playing games; even when we play Tic-Tac-Toe, and Rock-Paper-Scissors. It’s just because the fun never stops! It makes you happy, when you see ‘Achievement Unlocked’, or ‘You have earned a Trophy’.

I try to minimize my game time; I will repeat that, I TRY. I don’t want to be playing everyday, and not writing my blogs. Sadly, that is what’s happening right now. I want to be like Antoine and Allister, shoutout to you guys! These people find time to their favorite things while achieving first honours, sick! Their time management leaves me speechless.

From now on, there won’t be any distractions.

I just promised myself not to get distracted by anything, but I am here right now, talking about distractions while getting distracted to my distracted blog of distractions. I am meant to be talking about last week’s session. Get ready for Tha Thongue Thwistar

Moving on, I was going to talk about our A.E.P. class form about to weeks ago.

It was an ordinary one, but we had another oral test. I normally hope that I have to actually talk about topics.  It’s sad to say, oral tests are boring nowadays. Where are the fun and challenging topics? There are only tongue-twisters and cases to solve.

Spread the word! #BringBackTheRealOralTest

Our oral activity was ‘PSY-Based’.

If you haven’t heard Gangnam Style, check it out! There were faces to pick from, and behind each one was a Thongue Thwisther. You can tell from my past blog that bad things really happen. The name of my blog is ‘We’re going to twist out tongues today’.

We were cracking up the whole time when we saw the FACES.

We also finished Chapter 10,


I guess, this is the end…of my blog. Thank you for spending your time on reading my honest comments on Distractions and AEP.

Here is my Featured GIF; I can’t stop laughing at it.

See you soon!