Well! We have finally made it after 10 Months of Hard Work, Stress and just Painful days are coming to an end…….. Well at least for now.

This Week in AEP class was in all honestly a decent week. After all the last parts of the school year are usually the best…….. Or the least worst.

First of all, There were no more Confusing or Weird games such as the Sherlock game and the Batman game. So that thing really brought some Positive things to me.

Another Reasons was that there were no more Vocabulary Tests. So the thing that has pulled my Grade down deeper than the Mariana Trench is gone. Also, The thing that has kept me from failing this subject this year Listening Tests are now really the only thing we do in an Average AEP Session.

Anyway enough of that talk i want to tell you my experience this AEP Week because after all that’s really the only purpose and point of a Blog.

We did lots of Listening tests because our Class is filled with a Huge amount of Very Gifted Listeners and Most of the Topics were very Interesting. The Interesting Topics were usually about Entertaining Topics such as Science and Psychology.

One of my Favorite Topics were Mostly about Science, Because we all know that Science is the Best subject in School and no other Subject can ever top Science not until the Next few Millennium’s. But another topic about Psychology was Mind Blowingly Interesting. The Topic that i am referring to is no other than about Argumentativeness .

The Reason why i found this a extremely Mind blowing topic was because i had never ever been Mind Blown in my whole life. And the Reason for this Heavy and Giganticly Humongous Mind Blowing was because a i found out that this aspect or a virtue or a trait or whatever you’d like or love to call it as Actually a Positive Trait.

Once i heard this i was very Mind Blown to the point that it felt like Space and Time had been reversed and it went back to the Day i woke up. April 2017 4:57 AM.

But then all of a sudden a loud crash happened and i found out i was just daydreaming in class.

Well that’s all for today guys!