Hi everybody!

This week’s Aep meeting began with me giving a talk about buttons to my fellow classmates and teacher. I made sure to focus on two things: it’s interesting facts and history.

Few things were learnt after my discussion on how we could have improved our discussion more by making it extra engaging to our audience. Tip number one was to have a little handout made of what the talk’s going to be about. Tip two was to have few pictures for them to look at.

Later that meeting, we did our vocabulary quiz and got on with some writing task. The essay is yet to be handled in.

Next week is going to be our AEP midterm examinations, where in only 30 random vocabulary words will be chosen among 300 others. Wish us luck you guys! That’s all for this week.


INVISIBLE man chapter 6 vocabulary

Leapt:jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force.

Drily: in a matter-of-fact or ironically humorous way.