During this past week, we only had one meeting so needless to say, we didn’t do much.

As you may or may not know, for the past weeks, the three of us in class have been giving our own “discussions” in class. We were each assigned a topic which pointed out our main problems when writing essays, and we were told to give lessons and have the liberty of being the teacher for a week.

As I have previously said, being a teacher is hard. This past week, each of us discussed on what we felt we have accomplished as a teacher and what we have failed at.

I felt like the hard part about being a teacher was to prepare the lessons and the things students had to do in class. When a student doesn’t get it, understanding and explaining the problem was a difficult task as well. You have to make sure that what you’ve taught is etched into that student’s mind. You have to make sure that they could overcome any questions and problems with everything that you’ve shared with them.

As for the things I’ve accomplished as being a teacher, that’s hard to know. You’ll only know once you’ve seen the work that your students have done. You’ll know once they’ve either accomplished or failed their tasks.

Picture from: https://onsizzle.com/i/when-you-finally-understand-something-in-lecture-3447705

PS: A few more weeks before it’s summer break! 😀