Am I at my ennui? It was the announcement of honorees or awardees last week, and I think I did not get what I expected. I guess it is time for a change, a big one. I really rue those days.

I did not blog last week because, I completely forgot about what we did. I forgot our lessons, our lectures and our laughs. My mind — I am going so crazy, I have to pass 3 art assessments in 2 days! In the next 2 weeks, I am going to take about 10 exams!

The endless amount of stress is attacking me, I can’t do anything but try, try to survive. I just can’t forget the Tick-Tock Croc from Peter-Pan; and one more thing, do you know those random worms or objects that appear when you open your eyes? They normally don’t seem to form shapes, but for me, I see the sentence, ‘Time is running out Omar’.

One more thing, our musical titled ‘A night in Broadway Land’ ended yesterday, and I do not have time to catch up with my academic activities, I have got my AEP EXAMS TOMORROW. I am dead.

fdferhufwerferuir76437wxjao – and that is what happens when you smash your head into your keyboard out of stress.

Anyways, forget about those things, let’s just move on to the good stuff, from this week.

Let us start with the fact that we had a holiday on our first session. It was a transport strike for the jeepneys. For the foreigners who do not know what jeepneys are, a jeepney is a Philippine jitney bus converted from a jeep. The word jeepney came from the two words jeep and jitney. The government’s plan was to phase-out jeepneys that were over 15 years old. And this would be bad, as it is one of the most used mean of transportation in the Philippines. That means that most businessmen, office workers, and students couldn’t go to school. Most jeepney really abhor their jeepneys going away, but I do not think I was! Let us be honest, we all are happy when there is no school, who’s with me?!

So we had only 1 period of A.E.P.

We had our tautological vocabulary quiz, which was cursory this time! It had simple words like:

  • abyss (noun) – a never-ending cliff or ravine
  • befall (verb) – to happen
  • crucial (adj) – deadly, dangerous
  • dregs (noun) – leftovers
  • garnish (verb) – to decorate
  • inert (adj) – dead
  • opus (noun) – creative work of art
  • pallid (adj) – pale
  • stricture (noun) – rule

I also remember starting coherence. The definition of Coherence is:

  • the quality of unit an order among the parts of a written passage. If a passage is coherent, there are logical and orderly connection between the ideas within sentences among the sentences within the paragraphs. Coherent writing makes sense.

We did 7 pages of non-stop coherence! Where would this sentence best fit?


Time to go to think about tomorrow, it is the AEP Mid-Terms. We have to study 300 Vocabulary Words and out of 300, 30 will be picked. I need to do good.

But what am I doing now? It is 9:00 PM, I am stuck, I really need to manage my time.



Time is running out.