Hello everyone!

Next week is our final examinations for AEP’s second trimester,and my fellow classmates and I had a very relaxing time preparing for it this week.Our teacher,Miss Disa has already taught us everything we need to know for the coming exams,so we spent our first meeting together playing comic book scrabble.
Comic book scrabble isn’t just any regular kind of scrabble ,it was introduced to our teacher by a movie called “Snowcake”.The game states that you create any word with the letters you are given,and you have to come up with a definition for it.Once you give it a meaning,you have to make up a story/comic using that word.The player with the most creative words wins.This was a very fun way to calm students down before finals.
On the second day of AEP class,we continued to write the second and final draft of our essays.If you read last week’s blog, you would know what I’m talking about.
Miss Disa then checked our draft,leaving us to read and understand what we did wrong and how we could change it.
Well, that’s it for this wee.Thank you for reading!


Homework:Chapter 4 of The Invisible Man

Frantic:distraught with fear, anxiety or other emotion.

Anarchist:a person who who believes in or tries to bring about anarchy.



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