When it comes to quizzes, seatwork or anything relevant to my classes, I’m pretty certain that there was never a time where I haven’t made a careless mistake. Simple science questions, English grammar, math equations-you name it. I always hear the same phrase from my teachers, “tsk you were doing good but careless mistakes.” I studied hard the night before but why have I answered 14 instead of 45 to a question like, 9×5? Well because I wasn’t paying too much attention and thought that the ‘×’ was an addition sign. Unbelievable.

Unfortunately, I committed a huge careless mistake this week’s AEP class. If you have read my past blogs, you’d notice that I kept repeating the quote, ‘keep the fire burning’ and I tried to do that exact thing by studying our vocab quiz this week. Little did I know that I studied for the wrong unit the whole time! Foolish me, I was obviously disapppointed, afraid and a bit mad.

During the quiz, I was scared that I would get a low score since I studied for the wrong unit. To my surprise, I didn’t get a very bad score. The words were familiar, thanks to John Green’s books.

Moving on, we had a couple more visual-noting practices and tests. It was becoming more difficult. Ms. Disa gave us back some of our very first visual-noting and I noticed that I did have improved; although, I seem to have lost color. Well that’s because I ran out of ink and I am too tired to go out and by some.

Midterms is next week and that doesn’t make me happy at all. Our musical performance has just ended and I am proud of our class. We didn’t win anything but I’m glad to cross that out to my list. Congratulations to the winners, by the way!!

I did come to the realization that I should check on my planner more often (so I wouldn’t repeat the same mistake again).