Say this 10 times, in a fast pace: Good blood – Bad Blood.

Well, isn’t that hard?! That is what we went through for one period in AEP! I was begging Ms. Disa for an Oral Recitation/Seatwork, and I did not expect Tongue Twister for one period…

The second period of AEP began after Lunch, so I guess we were all ready.

It was just fun and games for most of my classmates, but one student, Angel took it as the midterms because, she was absent in the Midterms week.

Now to describe our oral… it was just some tricky tongue twisters.

We expected ourselves to give 1-minute talks about some topics, but we got an unexpected Tongue Twister! We then found out that all choices were just tricky tongue twisters.

What happens in Tongue Twisters (Try to Relate):

Tongue Twister: ‘Irish Wristwatch’

You: Here it goes…

First 10 seconds: Irish Wristwatch

20 seconds in: Irish Wrishwash

30 seconds in: Iwish Wishwash

40 seconds until the end: Iwish woshwosh

So many tongue twisters! I’ll say it again, that was the second period.

Now to talk about the period before that, we had our normal seatwork; we were answering some questions about reading.

This term, we will study 2 more types of questions; they are Text Insertion Questions, and Table Chart Questions. Text Insertion was very difficult for me, but I hope that Table Chart won’t.

In text insertion, we have to:

  • Understand the whole text
  • Have a good sense of logic and common sense
  • Think, think, and think!

Finding similarities and differences, and relations. Yeah, that’s pretty hard.

Well, it seems like we still have a lot of time; 5 weeks until summer. But I don’t want to celebrate too early, because our Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint exams are approaching, and in fact, the week after we take those exams; we have our finals.

I am sure you know how much I hate those things.

Here’s the end of my blog.

Thank you for reading!