We only had one meeting this week. The class began with me sharing my experience and views about life. My thoughts about how life is so unpredictable, and anything can happen any second. I further expounded on how I came to realize that there are so many things that I have been taking for granted, and how thankful I am to have what I do right now. After my talk we still had some spare time, so we decided to play a game called ‘Sherlock’. Where in critical thinking and analyzing kind of skills are needed in order to pass to the next scenario. Throughout this game you’re thinking abilities will be tested and at the end will be surely boosted to a new level. I personally found this game to be enjoyable as it pushes one to think what could have possibly happened.

This school year 2016-2017, AEP took us on a roller coaster ride of writing essays. It introduced to us different forms of writing essays, and most importantly trained us on how to write a proper essay. This journey had got some ups and downs for me, however I’m glad to say, i survived!😂

Moreover, AEP has also improve my way of thinking or the way I look at things.

I would like to acknowledge my dear teacher, Ms Disa, for putting in all her efforts towards guiding us throughout our journey. I’m very thankful to have her. She is truly a person from whom one can learn things, academically and beyond. 😊❤

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