Hi everyone!

This week’s blog is going to be about the beginning of our third trimester in AEP (time flies!).

We started off this week as we always do, with a vocabulary test.Later on, we had an activity on the same topic.This is a great way to practise for our midterm exams in which contains more than two hundred words.Words such as duress(restraint by force),stentorian(extremely loud or powerful sound),and beset (to attack all sides;to surround) are some examples. If you would like to extend your vocabulary,you can check this link out of free.     LINK.

For this term, our teacher, Miss Disa decided that each student would have a topic to present on every week;it was mine turn to present about tea cups ( strange,but fascinating).We then proceeded to our lesson,writing. This week’s topic is about writing paragraph/essays with the help of purpose links.These are words like ‘in order to’,’since’,’for’, etc..


Well that’s all for this week!  Thanks for reading!


Homework: The Invisible Man

  1. vicarage:residence of a vicar.
  2. impenetrably:incapable of being penetrated.
  3. scullery:a small kitchen or room at the back of a back house used for washing dishes and other dirty household work.
  4. pungent:strong
  5. gesticulating:use gestures especially dramatic ones,instead speaking or to emphasize one’s words.