So today in AEP, Which is by the way (Advanced English Placement), The first thing Ms. Disa said when the class entered was that we would not be playing games since Nobody did there Blogs.

Well, that was actually a very good way to Start the Beginning. Because First of all, I never seemed to enjoy any of the Games, It always seemed to make the day worse, And now that one thing that had pulled my Grade’s down to the Earth’s Core (Vocabulary Quizzes) have been Completely Eradicated from AEP’s Existence and was Replaced with just Listening Tests.

At first, I thought i was heavily prepared, Due to the fact that Listening Tests are the only thing i really get a decent grade in, But i got very low this session, It was either i was Over-Confident, Or Ms. Disa gave us Harder Tests to Prepare us For the 8th Grade, Pick your Choice.

Well not really much happened this week due to the Heavy Presence of Listening Tests, So until Next time Bloggers!

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