This week of A.E.P. was pretty boring for me, but definitely challenging to others. We had some Sherlock cases. We answered Text Insertion Questions like we normally do, but after that session, the boring part came.

Period 1.

Text Insertion, my worst nightmare. I just want to get rid of this thing. We answered Questions 4-6 if I can recall. At this time Ms. Disa said, ‘I have a game to test your logic’. I thought about all the problems in my life, and how I couldn’t get through easy situations and problems. I lack logic, so I guess that is why I hate Text Insertion, because you got to be logical!

That was the end of Period 1.

Period 2.

Here comes the game. Sherlock Holmes.

When Ms. Disa opened the game, I saw Robert Downey Jr.; the guy who plays the role of Iron Man. I knew that he was Ms. Disa’s celebrity crush.

Anyways, moving on to the boring part. We had murder cases, and we were meant to investigate about the case. We could ask questions that were answerable by; ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or ‘Irrelevant’. We were divided into two teams,  with Ms. Disa being the Omniscient of all, Ms. Disa was the one who answered those questions.

I learned one thing from all of these questions; you have to think outside the box. *let the inspirational music play*

Lastly, I keep on calling it boring because I dislike these things. it is tiring and needs a lot of logic.

That was the end of the session, and the period.

Link! – I got no interest.