It’s the most deadliest and nastiest time of the year! The MidTerms are here, so it’s time to share my experiences from my sadly, vacuous brain.

We started with a Big Bang! Get it? It’s because our Oral Exam’s theme was KPop, and Big Bang is a big band. It was a fun game, because my classmates and I kept on getting points, but end up losing them back and forth.

Our oral exam had the same roots of the Batman themed game, it’s just that the design was different. When you achieve a chance of getting either a point, a loss, or nothing, the words come from the people, not like the ones in the Batman game. I hope you, the reader don’t mind perverse people, but it was funny as the speech bubble with the amount of points came from the singer’s private part not his mouth. I did a lot giggling and gagging, yakking and blabbing, you get me, right?

On our first session where we had our oral, two of our classmates were absent, both physically and mentally. One of them really lionized K-Pop or some ‘attractive’ Korean boys who can dance according to others.

The next day…

On our next session, we had our Vocabulary MidTerm. 30 out of 300 words were picked. My classmates and I were able to finish it in time, because it was surprisingly easy! I didn’t ace, it but manage to be tie and be top in our class of five.

Ms Disa checks papers quickly when it comes to exams, but I have to be honest, I don’t think she does with her students’ seatworks. No offense Ms Disa.

What else should I say? I guess that’s it, I am not panicking for the midterms like I used to before.

Link – Tear ’em up Lisa!