I’ve been in Fountain since I was in pre-school , Ms. Disa has taught since Grade 4. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous for AEP cause i thought i was going to fail my placement exam and transfer to ESL. The second meeting of AEP my hearing was pumping until Ms. Disa told me “Well Clarisse You’ve Managed To Stay In AEP//Toefl” i couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief and do a little happy dance , mentally. The first week of school was fun and stuff but! There’s so much new teachers!! I feel like there’s only couple teachers that are still from last year. I’m going so off topic lets go back to AEP. The week passed by and AEP came around the corner and Ms. Disa introduced us to AEP and started with essasys and me , Navya and Viktoria were looking at each other like “how the heck in the world do we do this?!” and when ever Ms. Disa looks at us we’d try to look and act calm but inside were going crazy. Then Ms. Disa told us to present in-front of the class we all were too shy to go up and present , we presented and then Ms, Disa showed what were missing and our key points   and important facts about the graphs and stuff we then Ms. Disa told us to present again and this time we did it much better. I guess what i’m trying to say is that i’m really excited for this school year and i think app is going to be one of my favourite subjects this year (i swear i’m not lying.) It’s nice to have Ms. Disa teach us again , i’m really looking forward to it 🙂

p.s the picture is an edit that i made 🙂