This past week, Clarisse was finally able to discuss in class and as expected, she first started out with a riddle.

I’m not complaining or anything as I love riddles, but I feel like lately, it’s been clouding my mind even more which isn’t exactly good. It’s been getting harder to concentrate and with the amount of time I spend on over thinking, it’s even worse. Although I must say, it makes your mind wander around and expand on your ideas even more.

Going back to Clarisse, she was actually prepared this time. Well, everything except for the messed up fonts and pictures placed all over the Powerpoint. But of course, I still appreciate all the work she put into it *slightly cries tears of joy*.

By the end of the third meeting we had, since we still had time to spare, Clarisse decided on once again giving us riddles. I couldn’t help but ask random questions along the way that just came out of the weirdest ideas. You can’t complain about it though as I am Fawaz’s sister and well, let’s just say that the weirdest topics always come up between the two of us. That’s the kind of sibling quality time I always appreciate!

In general, Viktoria and I are really proud of Clarisse *cries tears of joy once more*. She was really nervous at first but I don’t blame as it happened to all of us, but once you go with the flow, everything just becomes chill and calm.

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