Date check: April 2, 2017
You guys know what that means?… It’s officially less than 2 months before summer!
I’m sure with all of the buzz that we have in school about summer vacation, everyone’s starting to get excited. Of course before we actually have our vacation, we still have the final exams, quizzes and assignments to think about and of course projects that are given at a short amount of time before the deadline.
With all of the activities that we’ve had for the past weeks, it would be nice to get a #RestDayMonday. We finally got what we wanted when we were informed that we wouldn’t have classes on Monday (which technically, was last week’s Monday). I saw the joy on Clarisse’s face when she shouted on having a few extra days to prepare for her discussion in class.
Let’s skip to Wednesday, when it was actually time for Clarisse to teach in class. In general, let’s just say it failed, but at least she tried! Since she used keynote to make her power point and didn’t convert it to PDF, she wasn’t able to teach as Miss Disa’s laptop uses Windows. At least she put effort into it, right? It’s still much better than not even trying at all. She even told me that she practiced on what she was going to say a lot of times in her room.
Anyways, she’s discussing again in class tomorrow and let’s hope she does well! 🙂 Happy Sunday people! (Let’s all try even though tomorrow is Monday).