The fourth week of AEP was okay , we took our midterms that i studied all night for it to only the next day that questions had ANTONYMS. I was like omg i did not study the antonyms at all. I looked all chill but i was freaking out inside. My brain was all like “YOU’RE GOING TO FAIL” over and over again. I was so nervous i thought i was going to pass out , so Ms Disa said you guys can sleep for a while. I fell asleep for like 30 seconds then i woke up again to check my paper. Until it was finally time to pass it. After the exams , Ms Disa was checking our papers. I was scared that i was the only one going to fail! Cause lets face it Navya and Viktoria were way smarter and better than me. But luckily i didn’t fail but i knew i could do better next time. For the second period of AEP we played scrabble which made me so happy even though i suck at. I missed playing scrabble so much because we used to play it a lot in Grade 7 & 8. It was like the old times at Ms Disa’s Classroom. I also really miss doing tongue twisters in ecf. It was defiantly one of my favourite subjects in elementary.