(( Blog includes this week’s and last week’s updates ))

Regular classes last week, Monday to Wednesday, were completely cancelled for those students who were taking MOCK examinations, and i was one of them. This was done in order for the teachers to see how well students will be doing in their upcoming Cambridge igcse examinations held from April to May 2017 and, for students to assess their learning so far.

Each one of us are enrolled for taking five specific igcse exams and our mocks were based on those subjects. I wished the school gave us mock examinations first for all subjects, and then told us to choose those five subjects we are willing to take. That would have been more sensible, because mocks are based off past papers of igcse and taking them would have given the students a sense of how the exam will be, and a chance of asking themselves should they really be taking that subject. In our case the mocks were given later, so we students didn’t have the liberty to see whether that subject is suitable for us and will guarantee to bring us high scores.
Anyways, overall the mock examinations went alright though it was a bit tiring to have it for three consecutive days. Due to this, AEP last week got cancelled.
AEP lesson on Monday this week was cancelled due to a public holiday. However, we were lucky enough to still have AEP classes on Wednesday. The class started with a classmate of mine giving a talk about indigos and crystal children. It was something new and interesting I learnt that day.

Further that lesson we just discussed about few things we will be tackling for the remaining term and that was it. 😊

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