It has been a month when 3rd semester has started and that is one step closer to Summer.  I can’t wait for the time when I don’t need to wake up so early anymore and have all the free time I want. No more homeworks, projects and all that stuff. Sigh, if only time passed by quicker.

This week of AEP was definitely interesting and fun. We had a game of Sherlock Holmes where we had to solve interesting cases. As usual, we were divided into two groups, boys versus girls. The questions were very tricky but the answers made so much sense and always make me say, “how come I’ve never thought of that?”

We had more listening practices with visual note-taking which I thought would be hard since I was writing with my left hand. But surprisingly,  I did way better than I thought. What I am happy about the most though, is that we no longer have vocab quizzes!!