In this session of Aep , it was time for our oral game presentation but unexpectedly , it was tongue twisters….


In the first period , We had our regular seatwork. Our topic as of that session was text insertion.

This was the first topic which really required me to think and focus . .It took me time to do but I found it easy anyways.

Text insertion requires you to:

-Understand the certain paragraph or even the entire passage where in the text will be inserted.

-Analyze the true meaning of each choice of text to insert and to see how it will affect the meaning of the passage or paragraph.

-there are a lot more such as Deciding on where to insert the text and ETC.


And now after lunch , it was the twisty 2nd period. We were actually all expecting an oral game but instead of talking and describing stuff , we had to repeat tongue twisters for many seconds….

It was really hard to even say a word after 10 seconds of repeating the tongue twister . But it was fun and I do wish to do it again but not oftenly.