The third week of aep was a little harder because i was absent the week before , so i was a tad bit behind. Everyone was doing something different than i was because i was honestly lost. They were talking about two graphs and i was just like “speak english.” which was ironic cause we were in aep. Moving on , i had to make a plan about these two graph’s which was quite easy because Ms Disa discussed it in class.

I was also a bit annoyed at navya and viktoria because they didn’t tell me that there was an AEP homework. But of course what every good friend does , i forgave them. All i can say that is was ways better than the second week. All my grades got lower because of that week , which really annoyed me because it wasn’t my fault. It was weak immune system’s fault.

On the third week Miss Showed us how to get the main points and the important information. Like how to include the year and when it reached it’s highest point.And how to show the difference between the two graphs. Then we had to write an essay about it , which sucked because we had a limit of words.

Picture Creds: SCHOOL