Last week we started a new topic, text insertion, which proved to be quite challenging sometimes. On the first meeting we finished the first two questions of chapter 8 and we did two more ont the second meeting, which was on the next day.

On the next day before we began the two other questions from chapter 8, Miss asked us if we preferred to do the questions first or the bomb game. The girls and the boys were divided, the boys wanting the oral first and the girls wanting the questions first, then Miss said that it would be better if we did the questions first then we could take our time with the ‘game’.

When miss told us to exchange our notebooks to check the answers, I was actually still not finished with it so I just guessed what the answer was. After we were done checking we passed our notebooks to miss so that she could record the scores. Right after we passed our notebooks, the bell rang and we went down for lunch.

As the second bell rang everyone was back to the classroom, we were all waiting for the bomb game when we were told that they were all tongue twisters. While playing the game everyone was having a lot of fun because of how hard it was to repeat the tongue twister without getting confused.


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