Last Sunday, I was going to start doing the homeworks that were due on Monday when  my sister came in my room saying that she wasn’t going to have classes on Monday. I was really surprised because there weren’t any storms coming, that I knew of, so I came out of my room and asked my mom if I didn’t have classes, and if I did, could I be absent.

She told me that the school hadn’t announced anything yet and that she wouldn’t let me be absent. I didn’t even bother to touch a single thing for school because I knew that sooner or later classes everywhere would be cancelled because most of the other schools had already cancelled classes.

Suddenly, my called me and I went to the living room. She told me that classes all over San Juan had been cancelled and I wouldn’t be going to school. I happily went to my room and layed down in my bed as I got my iPad out. No school on the next day meant sleeping late an de waking up late, and I loved it.

Monday was a great and quick day that passed by in a flash, and it was soon Tuesday. When I got to school on Tuesday, I saw all the chairs aligned facing the stage, I didn’t really think anything of it and just went upstairs to my homeroom classroom. Then someone called all the students to the third floor telling us that there was going to be a flag ceremony and announcement of the students who had honors.

After the whole announcement thing was done, we continued with our regular schedule for the day and soon came AEP, which was two periods long on Tuesdays. We had out vocab quiz as usual and continued on with our class.


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