So everybody, welcome to the 3rd and the LAST term of the school year. Let’s all forget all of the pain and loss in term 2, shall we? Don’t cry and yelp about the past and let’s instead push ourselves to the limit for this last term.
As planned, we had our VocabTest in the first meeting and as expected, Clarisse was absent. Everything was going great that Monday. We went from taking our VocabTest to reviewing the old units when suddenly, there was a drill.
At first, we didn’t really know whether it was an earthquake drill or a fire drill, but we had to go out of the classroom no matter what. I sigh as I look at everyone having books on top of their heads. May I remind you once again, that they ARE CAMBRIDGE BOOKS. I mean it’s fine if we’re using them for drills, but imagine using them when there is an actual earthquake going on. Anyone still up for the idea of having an emergency helmet in their lockers? 🙂
Monday wasn’t considered bad compared to we were told on Wednesday. We were told we would be “teaching” the class. We were each given a topic on what we were having a hard time in when essay writing. I have to admit though, at least it’s just going to be the four of us in class.
Wuthering Heights vocab coming up!