It’s the second week of semester 2 and I have to turn my frown upside down. I already have a huge pile of homework and stress. In order to reach the top, I have to accomplish all this and get it over with. Can’t wait for the school year to end! >-<

This week, we had another vocab quiz which I completely had forgotten about. Nice going, Jade. I absolutely need to work on that but let’s move on. We had another oral recitation which I used to be so terrible at; however, I did improve in that a lot.

For the oral recitations, we used a super cute game instead of the old Batman game. I loved how the characters were drawn and it was just too cute for me! I hope Ms. Disa will continue to use this program for future oral recitations.

I need to improve a lot in AEP or else I’ll be stuck at the bottom (I need to start talking less too). Keep the fire burning, Jade!


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