Welcome bloggers and readers! This week in our AEP class, we didn’t do anything extraordinary but actually, the exact opposite. The whole period was full of listening practrices and tests. However, my writing on my left hand isn’t getting any better. This was a much harder challenge than I thought. Every time I write, I couldn’t help but feel tired; it was as if my hand was carrying a glass of water for a long period of time. Well I need to learn how to write with my left hand soon but thanks to my iPad, which I use for the time being, makes my job less harder.

Because of countless of listening practices, not just me but everyone else as well, has pretty much memorized the introduction of each chapter. “Astrology” or “Biology class” and many more. We know it so well that we say it all together at the same time with the audio file itself.

Other than AEP though, we had our science congress. It was my first time and I definitely didn’t know that there were more challenges that came along with it. Thinking of what will the project be about, gathering the materials, experimenting, testing, oral defense, poster making, and the presentation. Even so, I still managed to get everything done and had a successful science congress. For a person who has a broken arm, I am proud of myself.

That’s all for this week, ’til the next one!