As expected , in the first meeting ,there’s a vocab test. Didn’t review but I did well at least. What else could possibly happen next? Well , I mistakenly did not get to download our topics for the term into my ipad…. It all happened when it was Sunday , I looked into my email to search for the files to download and yes I found them . I tapped on the files to download them . Little did I know just after a couple of seconds , the wifi turned off. So when I went to school I felt so prepared (except for the vocab test), I turned on my Ipad and there it is , I saw the files and it said : “tap to download”. I was confused on how it wasn’t downloaded but I suddenly remembered that wifi sometimes just goes away… And it wasn’t only me who did not get to download those..Because of this we answered some vocab as a game of boys vs girls. I forgot who won .

On our next meeting ms Disa printed papers about our topic “paraphrasing” since most of us didn’t have it downloaded into our ipads and also because we really had to start our lesson. I think that this new topic was quite an easy one , just be careful and you’ll be ok.