First, apologies for doing this late. I was writing the blog when I suddenly received the ‘late’ e-mail from Ms.Disa. I’m awfully lazy on weekends and I usually wake up at around 8-10AM. Combine the laziness with the afternoon violin classes and you’ve got one sleepy Fawaz. However, I don’t see that as an excuse as you can always post these blog entries on an earlier date. If Ms.Disa sees it fit that I get a deduction of grade here and there, then so be it.

I feel as though this week was another filler episode. Another meter or so in the road to the end of the school year. Sometimes you get bored and lost in the constancy of it all. Is life going to be like this later? The thought terrifies me a little. I keep on imagining a picture of me smiling in a suit. As time goes by, the smile turns into a frown. As time goes by, I start to rot and wither. The maggots will soon eat me away and I heard that they are very efficient in doing their job. I can’t even remember what we did this week without the help of my classmates. I think we rewrote an essay and practiced speaking. It might sound funny, but I’m bad at speaking. For me, it’s like writing without the planned out. I always have a second or so of quick thinking to do when I write. But when I speak, I need to be spontaneous. I’m not a spontaneous person. I know that I won’t talk spontaneously unless we’re talking about a topic that I’m highly interested in. It’s like if a stranger comes to me and talks about clothes. I would reply with the usual uh-huh, okay, oh, yeah, maybe, I don’t know, and I’m pretty sure I can think of more.

I would like to stop and talk a little about health. You won’t think much of your own health until you’re sick or dying. I’m not saying that I’m dying of a sickness, I just feel as though people these days don’t really think much of their health until they are old. I know that I’m sick of getting sick.

Take care!

Source for the picture: Those are song lyrics which I copy-pasted from It’s an old song by Green Day – Redundant. I have no rights at all over the nice little words.