Hello everyone! It’s been a very long time since i have had a Late blog, But that is not related at all to the things that occurred in the classroom, So let’s just cut right to the Chase!

In the classroom, Ms Disa Told us we were going to play a game, At first i was happy because it was a chance to obtain Merits, And we all know how much i have those.

But the Happiness all came to a quick end once she said there was no Reward whatsoever is the Game, She also said we were going to play a new type of game which was known as the “Sherlock Holmes Games”

I’m not a very huge fan of the Character due to it’s Generic and overly-cliched story and plot. But anyway this is how the games work, Ms. Disa would choose a teacher to become “Sherlock”. “Sherlock” here basically has unlimited power since he or she could easily say “Not related” when you provide a statement. A crime scene would be displayed on the board and your “team” was supposed to try to be successful in investigating a particular crime.

After Minutes and Minutes of Confusing crimes and Scenes, We would Lose later on.