If you would ask an AEP student in Grade 9 to say what their favourite thing to do in class is: Writing essays :’) *Do you guys hint the pain? šŸ˜Š*

Anyways, this in week in AEP 9 was filled with none other than…ESSAYS! Doesn’t that sound wonderful? You could see the glistening eyes of the students in class as the word repeatedly wanders around our minds.

All things aside, this week’s task for the essay was quite different. For some cases, two could be better than one but when writing essays (not to mention that the task was for graphs and charts), no good could come out of it. Instead of having one graph for the data, we have two. We were confused and flabbergasted at first as we had no idea what to do. We all ended up looking at the sample answer to know what we should put and how to compare the data.

The next lesson, we had another essay which again, had two charts for the data. When you’re writing an essay like this one, you know what to do and how to put in the data. But for some reason, your mind just doesn’t want to work. It’s just there staring at the charts and it’s hard to put everything into words. All of the words are just jumbled up in your brains. Besides that, you’re only given 20 minutes to finish each task and for the exams, you’re given 50 minutes in total for 2 essays. How do people even finish those in 20 minutes!? Anyways, after the exams at least summer will finally come!

Pic from:https://memesuper.com/categories/view/ba899c5780602c50ee1e0e570d07de165d7daf7d/essay-meme.html

PS: Hi Miss Disa! If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any vocabulary for the audio links, it’s because the words have been easy for this one. So far, there haven’t been any complicated words.