Hello Everyone!

This week’s blog is going to be a little short, because one of our AEP classes was cancelled due to  strike of a form of transportation here in the Philippines , the Jeepney.

When classes were resumed, we had a little relaxing time before our term three midterms that are next week.This week was my best friend’s turn to give a presentation;her topic was buttons.

You may think that this is quite a boring topic,but you will be surprised abut how interesting it’s history is.Try researching about it one day. you will find some fascinating facts.After the talk on buttons, we proceeded  onto our weekly vocabulary test.This unit was our last unit of the entire Sophomore category in vocabtest.com; it is also the last set of vocabulary words which will be included in our midterm examination , that consists of more than 300 words. After the test, we began to write a plan for our next writing task about the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) system.

That is all for this week ; until next time!

The Invisible Man Homework.

Gusty:vigorous; hearty; zestful

Bunting:a coarse, open fabric of worsted or cotton for flags, signals, etc

Abruptly:sudden or unexpected

Sporadically:appearing in scattered or isolated instances, as a disease.

Burly:large in bodily size; stout; sturdy

Tumult:violent and noisy commotion or disturbance of a crowd or mob; uproar

Timorously:full of fear; fearful


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