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Since we’ve come to an end in our listening units and chapters, we we’re supposed to have free time. However this isn’t any other subject, it’s AEP so Ms. Disa decided why not continue it by reviewing all of the units we studied and learned by listening to longer tracks, sigh.

After all, we we’re the ones that signed up for AEP instead of the other alternatives which were not quite where we [probably just me] belong.

Despite that, the school year is very close to its end and I’m 100% sure everyone is looking forward to it. By everyone I mean literally everyone: teachers, students, the school staff, and even the janitors. Except probably the parents who will hate having the children back home for 3 big months.

I honestly can’t believe I have so much to talk/type about for the first time, but I’ll save the rest for the next blog. Thank you for reading 🙂