Hello people!

This past week, it was finally my turn to teach and discuss to the students in AEP 9. When I say students, I mean Viktoria and Clarisse which makes the experience something that wasn’t nerve-wracking considering they are some of my closest friends. On the side note, how great is it when you’re only 3 in class and you’ve got a great teacher teaching the subject?!

Anyways, back to the highlight of my week in AEP. Originally, I was supposed to teach 3 weeks ago but due to some misunderstanding, it got postponed. At first, I was quite unsure of what to discuss and how to introduce the topic but after some time thinking while I pretend to rub my imaginary beard, I finally understood and figured out on what I should do.

Overall, if you understood the topic (in this case you should since you’re the teacher), everything would go smoothly in class. The only problem there we have is what to make your students do in class. They finished their seat work? They finished their homework? What to make them do next? It’s not like you could give them a free period all of the time.

Aside from that, being able to teach in class this week brought out the tiny ambition I *had* to be a teacher. When I was in elementary, one of the ambitions that I had was to be a teacher but when high school came, that ambition slowly fell apart. I guess it’s because the older you get, the more you understand and realize of how hard of a job it is.

Generally, I personally think that being a teacher isn’t easy. We should appreciate the things we do for us and of course, be thankful for all of the knowledge they’ve shared with us

Picture from: http://www.fusionyearbooks.com/blog/teacher-memes/