The Second Week Of AEP

The second week of AEP sucked , well for me at least.

There was no school on Tuesday and I was absent on Wednesday. So it started on Tuesday night , I was laying down in my bed until remebered that i had vocab test tomorrow. I dashed to my computer and studied. A few minutes later i finally memorise it. I finally go to bed , then when i wake up i was shaking. My whole body was shaking , i swear i thought i was gonna faint. But i thought it was only cause it was really early and my aircon was on the coldest mode , so i get up to shower and get ready for school.

I get out of the shower and i still felt really shaky and really cold so i did what any person would do and check my temperature , i checked my temperature and it was 38.7 and i was like “what the heck? i was perfectly fine last night , what happened ?” so i called my mom who was already at work and tell her that my temperature was really high and ask her what should i do , so she says “we’ll go to the doctors later”.

Couple hours later my mom finally picks me up to go to the doctors , we arrive at the cubao (i don’t know if thats how you spell it) because thats’s where my doctor is at. My mom hasn’t eaten yet so we went to go to eat at some restaurant , so go in the restaurant i start feeling light headed. We have our seats and order our food , a few moments later we’ve order our food then suddenly i get all dizzy like i’m about to puke , so i thought maybe i was just hungry. The food comes a few minutes later , i ate a little bit but i still felt dizzy. I was debating wether or not it was the space we were sitting on was the problem of my dizziness and my feel of lack of oxygen because i was claustrophobic and the space were eating at was really tight. A few moments later i couldn’t take it anymore my vision was getting worse and i was about to faint. So i asked my mom i could go outside to get some fresh air. I felt better and so i finished my food outside. I go tot the doctors they said it was because i have the flu but they didn’t know why i felt so light headed.

The next day it was the next day of was okay for me to go to school , i got to school and i felt like i haven’t gone to school for literally like a month cause i missed so much stuff. There was millions of homeworks and quizzes.

I didn’t even have the chance to take my vocab test. Which i studied for at like 12 am in the morning. So yeah it was a really bad week.