We’re moving from organization questions to inference. Although, I really miss doing oral practice which I find really fun.
I feel like I improved a bit on listening even if I tend to zone out sometimes and forget to take notes sometimes. I tend to remember the things that were said in the audio, though. So on the second listening I tried to take down some notes if I can, add a few of my own opinions.

I sometimes feel like the listening tapes are really annoying because we really need to focus on what the person is saying in the audio. And again, I find it hard to so. But this way, it really helps me practice on focusing on things that matter. It also helps me practice on my writing speed, which is something I’d really like to improve on.

Although I can say, I’m kinda improving on sketch noting too. (I’m not really used to it since I’m pretty new but yeah) And I really hope it stays that way. 
I guess that’s all for now!