Chapter 1:

misanthropist: a person who does not like other people, someone who hates mankind

sullenly: dark and gloomy, someone who is unhappy and angry

hale: healthy and strong

sinewy: muscular and strong, having rigid muscles

conjectured: an opinion or an idea formed without an evidence at sight

tumult: to be in a state of confusion or disorder

jutting: to stick up, forward

pewter: a metalloid which is a mixture of tin and lead

tankards: a large cup used for drinking beer that has a handle and a lid


Chapter 2:

churlish: not polite, impolite

stalwart: very loyal and dedicated, very strong

physiognomy: a person’s facial features

assiduity: to be diligent, showing great effort and care

sagacity: wise, showing the ability to understand difficult ideas to make good decisions

taciturn: to be quiet, not speaking frequently

surmise: to state an opinion without knowing the truth

dreary: causing unhappiness or sad feelings, not warm and cheerful

guffaw: a loud burst of laughter

virulence: acidity, bitterness

vehemence: aggressive, showing strong and angry feelings

Chapter 3:

queer: nauseous and queasy

mildewed: something white that grows on a surface with wet and warm condition

dilapidation: shabby, in a bad care due to age

palaver: a talk or something that is not important and meaningful

pinafores: a sleeveless garment that is usually used as an apron

chaplain: a priest or any other Christian leader who performs religious services usually for military group, hospitals

lachrymose: tending to cry often

cudgel: a short heavy club

embalming: to treat a dead body with special chemicals to prevent it from decaying

maxillary: the upper jaw of humans and other mammals

minx: an attractive and playful woman who usually causes trouble

Chapter 4:

ruddy: having a healthy reddish color

indigence: a level of poverty, beggar

dunnock: a loose material to protect a cargo

parish: a group of people who to a particular church in an area

bairns: a child, children

wayward: behaving in a way that is not socially acceptable

wheedle: to persuade someone in doing something by saying nice things to them

vindictive: having a desire to hurt someone who has hurt you or caused you problems

Chapter 5:

curate: a member of the clergy in churches

nought: no importance and no value, nothing

Chapter 6:

evincing: to show someone something clearly

thrash: to hit someone with a stick, to hit someone violently

hearken: to listen, to give attention to

catechized: to question someone, to interrogate someone

vociferated: to cry, shot and bawl loudly

execrations: the act of cursing

gallows: a structure on which a criminal is hanged or put to death

pheasant: a large bird with a long tail which is usually hunted for food

culpable: guilty of doing something wrong, deserving blame

expostulating: to disagree with something and argue against it

Chapter 7:

condescendingly: showing or believing that you are more intelligent than other people

sundry: made up of different things

trifles: something that doesn’t have much value or importance

donning: to put on a piece of clothing

fiends: an evil spirit, an evil and very bad person

bonny: very pretty and attractive

brute: very strong and forceful, very harsh

equanimity: having a calm emotion when dealing with problems and pressure

purgatory: a place of state or suffering

rapt: showing a complete interest in something

obstinate: refusing to change your behaviour and ideas, hard to deal with