So there I was on a Sunday night, listening to music and just enjoying the day while I ignore the existence of all of the homework & projects I had to do and all of the quizzes I had to study for.

The night was still young and I was going to continue preparing the topic for AEP when I casually decided to check Facebook. To my surprise, someone said that there wasn’t going to be school the next day. Inside, I was starting to smile but on the outside, a look of suspicion flashed on my face. Was all of this a joke or no?

Being the eager beaver of me, I looked at the school’s Facebook and screamed in happiness to know that there actually wasn’t going to be school the next day. Of course with Fawaz’s and I’s shouting, our mom just gave us a look of disappointment.

So, I decided to leave everything behind and continue the next day. Monday passed like a blur and came Tuesday. That morning, we were told we would be having our Career Examinations on Wednesday and Thursday morning. I instantly thought of AEP, as it meant that I wouldn’t be able to teach for this week. That night, I didn’t bother sending the presentation and seat work prepared for the next day as we were going to have the examinations.

I was rushing for the test on Wednesday morning, only to find out that it had been cancelled. I’m pretty sure I face palmed myself for like a hundred times after realizing of what just happened. The one time I didn’t bother to check Facebook, I actually missed out on an important announcement. Not to mention, I also didn’t bring my books and notebooks that day for going to school.

Stuck with no choice, I had to tell Miss Disa that I couldn’t teach that day as none of the presentations had been sent. We spent the entire Wednesday practicing for our Vocab Midterm for the next week, and did our oral test for the next period.

This oral test however, wasn’t Batman or cats. It was K-POP themed. It was actually quite fun and interesting with all of the background music design. Not to mention, Girls Generation was there too (I’m not a fan or anything, they just happened to be in the presentation). In the end, I wasn’t able to teach and to be honest, it made me quite sad. I just wanted to get over it and now, I’d have to wait for another week.

Apart from all of that, Midterms are in the upcoming week and well, let’s just say that we’re all suddenly blessed with all of the 300 Vocab words already in our minds.

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