Hello to all my anonymous earthlings! so last week was little different to my average run-on-the-mill AEP session. That being said, I actually got to teach my AEP class for a whole week! and that was…well, interesting. Needless to say, I for one have gained massive props and respect to Mrs. Disa and all my teachers as a whole.

Explaining graphs/charts and finding relevant points was the heading for my powerpoint. This was, and still is in some ways, definitely a struggle for me to do. In particular, putting relevant information onto my essay. Well, you could imagine the rigorous studying I had to do before I actually decently started to understand it.

And now I feel like I’m drifting too far from my actual one-on-one experience. Let’s do one of those wattpad POV’s, shall we? 😀

I walked into the class feeling nervous as ever. Still a bit flaky from combatting that cold the night before, today was student-teaching week, and I was up first. The seats were arranged differently from the usual assortment, which added more to my nervousness. Having things done differently always makes my feel like it’s a serious scenario of some sort. Just a weird mentality of mine, lol. Matching to the occasion, the vocabulary test had a twist of it’s own. No longer definitions, we moved on to synonyms. Just my luck, for I haven’t even studied a peek. I got a 7/11 respectively, which I owe to those extra synonym slide-ins from the definitions. and after that, it was finally my turn to start this whole ‘teaching ordeal’.

I stood awkwardly at the middle of the white board, as my powerpoint projected. Nervously lifting and retracting the lid of Mrs. Disa whiteboard marker, I began my attempt discussion. It went fine, or at least I think it went fine. I then gave out a few handouts and a quickie homework for my classmates to do.

The next Wednesday, having a double, I then checked the essays of my classmates. And let me tell you, checking IS hard. Especially for an indecisive person like me, I quite struggled grading the essays of my classmates( even with a comparison of a model essay). Which truly shows that teachers, especially english teachers, have this balance in them in being critical but-not so critical? *bleh* I’m not quite sure how I should describe it.

so yeah, that’s pretty much how my week went. It was boring I would say, I mean, I am a bland person so it would only make sense. :p But it was still a really interesting and definitely different experience. And I also got to have an in-sight on the life of a teacher in the classroom. It’s really hard. especially keeping the attention of your students. And explaining. Oh, definitely that. Needless to say, I see no future of me being a teacher. (lol)  I also got to learn a lot, because you know, explaining it multiple times to my classmates, something would come through eventually. But yeah, it was a really cool experience, And I definitely can’t wait to see my classmates come through in the following weeks. 😉

Happy weekends!

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