Now that we’ve already gotten over the 2nd term (And by that, I meant about our grades in the final exams), we can start our discussions for the 3rd term and I hope that we do better!

As usual, we started with our VocabTest. The night before, I actually thought about studying the synonyms just to get a better understanding of the words. Unluckily, my brain kept on yelling the word ‘sleep’ and well, let’s just say that when sleep calls me, I’m always there. It wasn’t quite a surprise for me when Miss Disa actually did a twist with how we did our test. I thought it was quite nice as it tested on how well you knew the words.

Aside from that, we were also blessed with the opportunity of calling Viktoria with a ‘Miss’ at the beginning. While she was discussing the lesson, I kept on feeling that her eyes were on me the whole time. I thought it was normal since she was probably nervous and maybe needed assurance or something, but I also couldn’t help and think “Woman! Stop that eye thing you’re doing!”. She does that a lot when she’s talking in front but sometimes, it makes me feel weird. Anyways, back to the topic, we were given a homework by the end of the day and was told to bring it back the next meeting. In between days before our next meeting, Viktoria kept on thinking of what to do on Wednesday since she would still be discussing. She was giving Clarisse and I suggestions from Scrabble to games to giving us free time ( Chances of those happening are low, but you never know, it might happen !! ) In the end, I feel like I’m not 100% sure and confident about writing and making comparison in essays, but I do feel like I’m more confident now that I was before! Thanks Miss Vik!

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