This week in AEP Class we had a bunch of listening Tests and lots and lots of Other listening tests, But that’s really not the only thing that happened today.

We had a Oral Exam Game, Wherein we’d pick a box and whatever question comes out we had to answer the following question.

It was obvious what was to happen next. The teams were to be split to Boys and girls, But that actually did not happen. They split it to 4 vs 3. I guess they finally tried a different format for once.

Time after time people went, But since there was no “Crash & Burn” like the Batman Bomb game. Lots of people were careless while answering their questions.

As time passed by, People would get the oppourtunity to answer “Unusual” Questions wherein instead of Answering a Question you would have to pick 1 out of 3 boxes. You would either be lucky or unlucky, It was basically just based on your Luck if you got one of these.

Anyway that’s all i got for today and thanks for reading.


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