Today i went to Teacher’s to do whatever was told to do.

So basically i entered her room, Waited for the Teacher to tell the Class to Settle down and be Quiet, And waited until the Teacher told us to do.

So Basically today teacher made a few major changes which would greatly affect our meetings, I honestly did not have that much concern for these “major” changes execpt for the fact that she might make all of our Tests Vocabulary Tests, Which was really really bad because Vocabulary Tests is that one thing that pulls my grade down.

Anyway after doing a Vocabulary Test we just basically went on with the day. (This day was really tiring because after the double period we would undergo Art, Which was basically 4 hours of Stress)

We did a Listening test wherein we would listen to a lecture, Write about it inside boxes and answer a bunch of questions.

What i noticed so far is that The Listening tests are starting to get a little difficult, But i can cope with that. (Because i totally am a very good listener)

Oh, i forgot to mention we had a Online Vocabulary Test wherein we were split to 2 teams (Boys and Girls) and we would compete in a Vocabulary Battle. Which added to the overall stress to the day.

You really don’t have to go any further because you can already predict what happened. We lost!.


Thanks for reading!