This lovely week at Aep, as usual began  with a small vocabulary quiz. Diction, for example, STENTORIAN mearning (adj.) Extremely loud or powerful sound, MILITATE meaning (v.) To have force or influence on someone or something and INFINITESIMAL meaning (adj.) Immeasurably or exceedingly minute; Very small, were few words that were included in the quiz.

Our second lesson, we talked tea cups. Some thing unusual, yet interesting. Our dear classmate, had to give a little talk about ms’s chosen topic, tea cups. It was, and will be done every week in order for us to enhance our way of speaking and expressing our thoughts, in a very cohesive manner.

Interesting fact learnt was that their are tea cup ceremonies conducted in few countries around the world. Countries, for instance, Japan and  China perform it. It’s fascinating to learn about tea cups because things relating to tea, take us back down to the deep hidden root of the term called “culture”, of that specific place.

Later that meeting, we started with our new chapter that deals with writing steps also known as methodology in a cohesive, continuous manner.

That’s all folks for this week! For next week, I’m looking forward on hearing about ‘Aliens’ from my dear classmate. Yes, aliens!  Can’t wait to hear at what’s instored for us!



Spasmodic: occurring or done in brief, irregular bursts.
“spasmodic fighting continued”

Anarchist: a person who believes in or tries to bring about anarchy.

Bludgeoning:force or bully (someone) to do something.