You are reading another blog, you are definitely getting bored, even though this is the first sentence. Or is it?

Anyways, its a new term, new studying habits, a time for change!

I just noticed one thing, I really missed a lot in Sem. 2B.

I do not have the notes, I only blogged once and am way behind the blogging schedule.

In order to make up, I will list certain things that we did.

  1. We finished Chapter 5
  2. We finished Chapter 6
  3. Had some epic rounds of Batman Bomb Game.

Epic in what way, you ask? A battle between the boys and the girls, we had an amazing set of speeches, ranging from restaurants to toys. Each student would either get a prize or capture some villains. Our points reached a high mark, we were really worried because, the points of the girls and boys were very similar. Then, we all remembered one thing…in one of the boxes was Bane, and if one student got the chance to pick a box, and worst case scenario, it was Bane, we would all lose our points!

It happened, at the right time. Nils Thomas T. Johansen, at 11:58 AM, right before lunch time, caught Bane. GG (Good Game). That meant, the girls and the boys, lost all their points, they all got obliterated. No team won, no team lost, what a peace maker!

4.  We played ‘Imaginary Scrabble’, Miss **** calls it ‘A**ist*c Scrabble’, isn’t that mean term?! (Miss Disa, I am just being honest.)

5. After all of those things, playtime was over. It was the week of exams. Its actually two weeks, but, lets just get onto it.

For our exams, we had reading instead of an enormous amount of words to remember. Our topics ranged from Main Idea to Rhetorical Purpose. Anyways, many people got a high score, and did fairly well on the difficult questions, but many failed on the easy ones…

We also got our exam results back, as I said, they were good.


Now, what did we do this week?

We had our Vocab test; Unit 13. It had words like; Vilify, Attest, Foreboding, Impediment and others. Tip for answering: always try finding the root word.

Other than that, we started our new topic, Paraphrasing Sentences. We had to answer certain questions from a file that Ms. Disa sent us, but only two students actually brought the file. Ms Disa had gotten really mad because, she normally doesn’t photocopy anything, she just trusts us with bringing the worksheet in the PDF.

It was easy to answer, we had to find the meaning of the underlined sentence in a paragraph. It was easy in a sense that I used strategies..

Here is a strategy; always look for the similar context between the choices and the underlined sentence. At first I thought of finding similar words, but the words might be different. I told Ms Disa my plan, and she said that I was sort of right because, the correct way is to find similar context.

And I just wanted to add this, it feels weird as Ms Disa is also our Art and Design teacher, and we had Art Class just after our two sessions of Advanced English. I actually stayed in her classroom for 3 hours!


And I guess that is it! My blog post is done, I hope you enjoyed, thank you and good evening!

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