Let’s start off with a Monday morning. As my friends and I sleepily walk to Miss Disa’s classroom, we get ready for VocabTest. We had into the classroom and once we sit down, we were told to rewrite our essay. It wasn’t a shock or anything because we were told to do so the last meeting. Thinking we were first supposed to have a VocabTest, we told Miss Disa and she said we weren’t supposed to have any.

From that moment, I can see the shock on Clarisse’s face. She mumbles something along the lines of “The one unit I actually studied for, we don’t have any test”. Forgive me for being a bad friend, but I laughed. Knowing Clarisse, preparing for something must have been a special occasion. I guess that’s what you get for not reading the planner. We spent the rest of the period writing the essay and playing Scrabble.

This Scrabble was different though, because we had to make up the word, give the definition of the word and use it in a sentence. We made words such as “yalp”, “fesy” and “flud”. If the words didn’t sound funny enough, its definitions were even weirder. It brought out our creativity and the messed up parts of our minds. By the end of our meeting on that day, we were told that we would once again be rewriting our essay on Wednesday.

We’ve all had to rewrite out essay twice before but thrice?, never. Were we really that bad? Did we all really do that terrible for us to rewrite it once again? I mean I wouldn’t blame anyone though, I really am bad at writing essays.

Speaking of essays, our exam is coming up. (Hooray!) ‘-‘

It’s going to be essay writing and an oral exam. As mentioned before, I’m not the best at writing essays, but let’s just hope that we all do well!

Picture from: https://lifeofamedstudent.com/2016/12/10/finals-memes/