So there we were on a Monday morning sitting inside Miss Disa’s classroom, getting ready to face that ‘moment’ of the Chapter. You may be wondering, what is that moment? That moment which we all dread for. That moment in where your mind gets jumbled and tears start leaking down your face.

Let me tell you something. This moment is not “once you do, you’re done” kind of thing. This moment is a process. It’s a process of understanding, learning and figuring out your mistakes. It’s something that you keep doing over and over again but for some reason can never get it right.

That morning, we had to write an ‘essay’. Say that word in front of student and trust me, they will sigh. I don’t know others take it but for me, writing an essay makes me think of how it would rather be in Math class. If you know me, you’d know how much I hate Math. Choosing between writing an essay and being in Math class is the opposite of a life and death decision. There isn’t a life, it’s just both death.

The one good thing about it though is when all of it is over. Well, it may be over for now, but it will come again later. That’s a part of life, right? Things go on over & over again and we never stop until we die. Going back to the feeling on when it’s over, the only situation to describe this is when you finish doing your chores. You’re done for the night but you have to do it all again the next day. We finished that Monday with essay writing and had a little break on Wednesday.

This ‘break’ that we did happened to be oral practice. Like the first time, we had our practice with Batman instead of cute little cats. I think they were cats, right? Anyways oral practices always end up with someone saying something ridiculous so it wasn’t really a bother.

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