Hello everyone!

So looking back at my blog posts, I’m pretty sure I missed a week in. (which I presume was scrabble week)

So let’s just take a step back. Waaaay back…

So after we passed our essay( which I’m pretty sure we did), we then got to play a game of scrabble! But with a twist!

Miss actually took inspiration from a movie with Tom Hanks which from what I remember  is quite opaque.

So how the game goes, you cannot use words that exist. You can only make words that relate to a superhero, make a definition in addition to a valid sentence.

And I dare say, it was very difficult. Seriously, the best word I could come up with was ‘Yalp’ -an exclamation used to a lawful citizen in need of help.

Lol, right? I can smell the creativity!

So anyways, that’s about it, thanks you for reading!


(Oh and btw! and if none of you guys got the reference of the GIF and title, it’s from Hamilton. A wonderful 21-century play that brings in a mix of hip-hop and modern music that focuses upon the life of Alexander Hamilton. Def one to watch!)