So Today Our Final Examination just happened for this semester, The week before the Final Examinations i totally studied really hard to prepare for this particular exam. Cause nobody wants to repeat the school year.

Anyway after i totally Studied Extremely hard last night, i entered the AEP Room, plopped my backpack on the floor, And waited until i was given the Examination Paper.

Once i received the Examination Paper and all instructions were announced by the Teacher. I answered the Test.

Basically the Test was basically a combination of Sketch-Noting,  Multiple choice and a Listening test.

To be honest, i would’ve aced this test had Sketch-Noting been excluded from the Test Paper. I was really good at Listening and i did okay on the Multiple choice questions. But it was really the Sketch-Noting that basically pulled my grade on this Exam down to the Earth’s Core.

Now, time to talk about the Questions, the Multiple Choice Questions were based on the Topics that we were supposed to Listen to and Sketch-note about, A few of these topics would be about The Infamous Disease known as the “Black Death” and about Economics and “Mythological Linear Paternal and Maternal Descendants” which was Basically one of the Easiest questions in my honest opinion.

Anyway, Until Next time and Thanks for Reading!


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