This week on our first meeting, we had a practice exam during the first period, Miss gave us the second period as well but in just a few minutes we were all done with it so we played scrabble, but different then the traditional one. In our game of scrabble, we had to make up words that could be used in a comic, things like kapaw, and we had to give an example explaining how to use the word.
On the second round of the game one of my classmates made the word “Doooead” and the example was, “when a really fat person falls on something, that’s the sound that the thing will make”. We were laughing very much because of the word.

On the second meeting, one of my classmates asked Miss if we could play scrabble again, but unfortunately Miss said that we can only play it once a week. We only had one period so miss gave us this period to review our answers, she also gave the rest of the period, for those who had a few seat works, to finish and submit all the requirements.

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