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Good evening to all bloggers! It’s been such a long time since I wrote. Let’s go.

This week’s AEP session was very entertaining. Once again, we attempted on playing the batman bomb game, with a twist. This time the concept was Studio Ghibli and everyone was about to explode due to the cuteness overload. It was mesmerizing.

Long story short, we enjoyed playing the really ‘kawaii’ game. But what we didn’t know was that we were going to be surprised with another unique graded game that Ms. Disa had discovered. It was the comic book scrabble. At first, we were expecting the normal scrabble that we were excited about because it was slightly more interesting than our average AEP lessons but then we were not expecting a twisted version of it that was guaranteed to be even more enjoyable.

The Comic book scrabble is simply scrabble but without the time we had to spend to get dictionary based words or real words[which we hate] instead, we created our own words, their meanings and sentences that contained our very own words WHICH are based on comic book characters. The words we ended up making were incredibly unrealistic and funny. I’m expecting to play this game once again some other time.

Thank you so much for reading!